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It's DeSola - It's Delicious

Can you remember what really delicious, mouth-watering corned beef and pastrami tastes like?

If you can, then we probably made it!

DeSola Provision Corp. has been making the finest corned beef and pastrami for 50 years. As long as we've been making it, the world's most famous delis have been buying it. That's because we purchase the finest meat from a handful of packers. We hand trim each piece to our exacting standards. Then it's cured the old-fashioned way. Our pastrami is smoked, using the tastiest hardwood flavors. America's greatest delis also consider us the source for the best New York Kosher-Style Salami available anywhere.

DeSola Provision Corp is located at:

B-18 Hunts Point Cooperative Market
Bronx, NY 10474

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